Bower System-IC


Bower System-IC is a platform to access knowledge and training generated by Bower Place in relation to systemic practice, family therapy, psychotherapy and service delivery in the human services domain.

Some of this knowledge is original work, some is derivative, and some are replications.

Online Workshops

Create an account online to purchase access to the Bower Complexity Series – a series of online workshops covering details about working on complex cases, presented by experienced Bower Place practitioners.

About us

Bower Systemic is a knowledge and training hub, containing online resources for learning, alongside teachings from the experienced practitioners at Bower Place.


Access the collective knowledge of Bower Place practitioners, including research, referenced Bower articles and more.


Browse the training services offered by Bower Place. Courses, intensives and workshops are offered with both online and offline content.

Directors’ notes

A collection of notes from the directors and lead practitioners at Bower Place –  Malcolm Robinson and Catherine Sanders. Explore important topics as discussed by experts in the field.