Senior practitioners at Bower Place & national & international guest presenters conduct workshop and presentations on a range of topics.

Practitioners at Bower Place have extensive experience in working with complex systems and families. Bower Knowledge & Training is presented through this complexity lens. Bower Place offer a range of training options:

  • Face to face workshops
  • Online workshops
  • Specifically designed professional development tailored to team & organisational needs

Who would be suited to these Bower Place workshops?

  • Practitioners, service delivery agencies, regulatory & funding bodies.
  • Bower Place and TAFE SA ( who completed qualifications at Bower Place) Alumni
  • Current students studying human services related qualifications
  • Organisations & human services workers dealing with complex matters
  • Individuals, couples & families to access ideas & information

Face to Face workshops

One-day workshops, combining clinical expertise, knowledge and training within the Bower Place Complex Needs Clinic. 

Unique opportunities to explore research drawing on live clinical practice.

For enquiries, please email or call (08) 8221 6066

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What is the cost of the Bower Place workshops?

Cost $190 for full day training with Senior Practitioners in the field and Bower Place Directors Malcolm Robinson and Catherine Sanders


First Languages

Bower Place works in 8 first languages. Working in a client’s first language is a very different experience than using interpreters and as such goes to the heart of the therapeutic experience for both. Culture is carried by language; expressions of anguish, love, attachment, and grief are carried in a client’s first language. This workshop presents a unique approach at Bower Place.

Thursday 19th  September 9.30am – 5pm


Family – a crucible for change

A workshop designed for professionals whose work brings them in direct contact with families and their struggles. This includes, schools, General Practitioners other health and community services professionals.

Thursday 24th October 9.30am-5pm


Gaming, Gambling, Substances and ‘S’

As gaming, gambling, alcohol, medically and illegally peddled substances, solo, face-to-face and on-line p… or s.. activities escalate into the twenty-first century; treatment has barely altered and success rates remain abysmal. Most ideas about the causation of addiction are nonsense and bear no relationship to the truth. Getting into an addiction is easy, inclusive and freely available. Getting out of an addiction is monumentally difficult, isolating and expensive. This workshop addresses a radically new approach that embraces addictions et al as the truth about us as humans.

Thursday 14th November 9.30am-5pm


Guest Presenters

Workshops by invited guest national & international guest presenters are located within the Bower Place conceptualization of itself as an organisation that deals with clinical practice, knowledge & training.

2019 Bower Place guest presenter series to be announced.


Who would be suited to these guest presenter workshops?

  • Practitioners, service delivery agencies, regulatory & funding bodies.
  • Organisations & families dealing with complex matters

What is the cost of the guest presenter workshops?

Cost of guest presenter series to be announced.

Online Workshops

The “How Do I” Series

short 20 – 30 minute online professional development

At Bower Place we teach clinical practice working with students from Certificate 4 to post graduate family therapy trainees in our Graduate Diploma in Family Therapy & Systemic Practice course accredited with the Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT). While our students are often well equipped to learn theory, and many have completed studies that require high level theoretical understanding, many of them find the translation of theory into practice in the therapeutic setting to be their greatest challenge. Often the most confident articulate student finds themselves at a loss when confronted with the real-life complexity of individuals, couples and families whom they see in the Complex Needs Clinic.

How do you make a connection with anyone from a baby to a centenarian? How do you formulate a working hypothesis? How do you ask a relevant question? How do you maintain order and direction in a session without becoming constrictive? All these questions and more made us realise that it was time to run the “How do I?” series. The series comprise fortnightly on-line presentations that specifically address these practical skill questions. Each is for 20 minutes and includes an introduction to the question, a brief theoretical underpinning and practical advice, explanation and demonstration of the skill.

Attendees can log on to experience the session in real time and send questions to be addressed by the presenter at the conclusion of the session. An additional 10 minutes will be allocated to do this. The series will also be available as a recording which can be purchased to be viewed over 24hours. For those wishing to claim CPD reading and a post session quiz can be provided.

Cost $10 per session.

For information and bookings (08) 8221 6066 or

The “How DO I” Schedule for 2019


  • 9th How do I engage an individual?
  • 23rd How do I engage children?


  • 14th How Do I plan a first visit- the Bower Place Agenda
  • 28th How Do I plan a subsequent visit- the Bower Place Agenda


  • 11th How do I ask a question?
  • 25th How do ask a question of children?


  • 2nd How do I draw an Ecogram with an Individual
  • 16th How Do I draw an ecogram with a family

The Complexity Series

Course content

  • A coherent systemic methodology through which to address complex clients
  • An understanding of the part of all those involved in creating and maintaining complexity
  • A way of thinking that addresses constraints to change
  • Practical tools to explore and understand each client
  • Strategies and intervention to address presenting difficulties

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For enquiries please email or call (08) 8221 6066

Bower Systemic Complexity Series

  • Topic 1: A theoretical frame for understanding & working with complex cases
  • Topic 2: Working with complex children & families
  • Topic 3: Working with complex adolescents & families
  • Topic 4: Working with complex adults & families

Who are the presenters?

The series will be presented by the director and practitioners of the Bower Place Complex Needs Clinic:

  • Malcolm Robinson, Director of the Bower Place Complex Needs Clinic, social worker and family therapist
  • Catherine Sanders, clinical psychologist and family therapist
  • Ann Weir and Melissa Minney, psychologists
  • Ecaterina Eltahir and Charles Maddison, social workers & counsellors

Who would be suited to these online workshops?

  • All mental health practitioners: psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health social workers, family therapists, counsellors, mental health nurses and case coordinators. Post-graduate students in relevant disciplines will also benefit.
  • Service delivery agencies, regulatory & funding bodies.
  • Organisations & families dealing with complex matters

Please note: The knowledge presented in topic 1 provides the foundation for all following workshops. To maximise learning, it is assumed that participants will complete topic 1 as a pre-requisite, which is expanded upon throughout the other topics.

Professional Development points

Psychologists and social workers are eligible to claim Continuing Professional Development points:

  • Theory topic + 1 Topic = 3 CPD points
  • Theory topic + 2 Topics = 5 CPD points
  • Theory topic + 3 Topics = 7 CPD points

What is the cost of the online Complexity Series Workshops?

  • Theory topic + 1 Topic = $150
  • Theory topic + 2 Topics = $200
  • Theory topic + 3 Topics = $250

prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD)

Group discount for 4 topics

  • One person = $250
  • 2-5 people = $250 per person – 10% discount each
  • 6-10 people = $250 per person – 20% discount each

prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD)

How do I enrol?

Click here to enrol online.