Director’s Notes – April 2019

Bower Knowledge

The International Family Therapy Association held its 19th World Family Therapy Congress in Aberdeen, Scotland on March 28th-30th 2019 with the intent of ‘celebrating the evolution of family therapy around the world.’ The explored interactional methodologies, their impact on families and the array of approaches designed to address distress in couples and families in different cultures.

Malcom Robinson and Catherine Sanders, Directors of Bower Place, presented their original work on BowerNote, under the title ‘On the Nature of Inequality in Clinical Practice’. BowerNote is a family-systemic protocol for conceptualizing and managing political, problem and psychological inequality that is a feature of all service delivery. The presentation addressed the question of difference which is naturally occurring and inequality which is socially constructed and the impediment this creates in service delivery. Each form of inequality was described and how the note taking process developed at Bower Place addresses an iconic practice that entrenches inequality in the therapeutic exchange. This was a wonderful opportunity  to share our ideas with colleagues from around the world.

Bower Clinic

Appointments are available

  • Monday 10am-5pm
  • Tuesday 10am-7.30pm
  • Wednesday 10am-7.30pm
  • Thursday 10am-5pm
  • Friday 10am- 5pm

Fees & Charges

We are able to provide a Bulk Billing service by a psychologist and Medicare accredited Mental Health Social Workers for clients who hold a Mental Health Care Plan from their GP.

We also work with clients covered by NDIS support plans.

Clients who are not covered by either a Mental Health Care Plan or the NDIS are able to access services within the Complex Needs Clinic at a low fee rate of $60 per 90 minute session.

Bower Training

Bower Place has a wide range of qualifications & other training opportunities available including:

  • Graduate Diploma in Family Therapy & Systematic Practice
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Clinical Placements
  • Short Course Specialisation – Introduction to Family Therapy
  • Workshops – Bower Place senior practitioners & national & international guest presenters
  • Knowledge & Training Membership Portal – Bower Systemic

Opportunities to:

  • Work directly with clients in the Bower Place Complex Needs Clinic
  • Partner with senior practitioners in a dynamic learning environment
  • Explore diverse blended knowledge & training methodology
  • Undertake practical weekly or block intensive placement
  • Study online knowledge and theoretical assessments