Bower Place, NDIS and Families

In the Complex Needs Clinic practitioners work with whole families, offering specialist positive behaviour support and intervention in the context of family therapy. The environment in which the child lives plays a crucial role in their social, emotional and academic development, so a prime focus of work is on interrupting negative cycles which undermine optimal growth for all family members, including the identified client.

Spanking and Adult Mental Health Impairment

Adverse Childhood Experiences like child abuse are clearly related to poor health outcomes and while spanking has been demonstrated to have similar effects it has not been considered an adverse childhood experience.

Managing Family Stress During the School Holidays

School holidays can be a happy time, but can bring their own pressures on individuals and families. Parents may feel stressed as they try to balance time between work and home, maintain a family routine, and manage additional financial strain.

The Complexity of Couples Counselling

Marriage is not an easy business and during the first decade satisfaction significantly decreases.(Bradbury, Fincham & Beach, 2000) The resultant distress has consequences for individual psychological well-being as well as a pervasive effect on the broader family system and often results in a request for couples’ counselling.

Australia Day

Algorithms are commonly seen to be mysterious but nasty bits of computer code that help spread fake news and target our online experience with uncannily personalised advertising. To a mathematician or a computer scientist, however, algorithms are usually much more benign.