Topic 4: Working with Complex Adults and Families

2 hour session presented by Malcolm Robinson, Charles Maddison and Ecaterina Eltahir

Our final sessions on working with complex adults and their world will also be addressed in four lenses: Politics, Space, Development and Time. The Bower Place Model will be used to structure information about complexity as it is applied to adults and their families and different forms of complexity identified. Adults may present with mental health diagnoses, hoarding, violence, drug and alcohol dependence and the consequent fractured relationships which characteristically accompany these. Neuro –biological issues can add to the challenge as can a multiplicity of helper systems, each with their own idea about how best to effect change. Difficulties practitioners may encounter with this cohort will be explored and practical skills explored. The course material will include clinical examples.

This online workshop is available to download from 7 December 2018

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